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I'm a 50 something (geez, when did that happen!) guy who spent his wonder years (7-14) on the Jersey Shore in Monmouth County. I LOVE NYC although I've been living in Oklahoma mostly since high school.

I collect music recordings (vinyl, CD, MP3); I LOVE classical music, jazz, rock-n-roll, blues, reggae, and most other music. I also collect erotica, written as well as visual. I collect art books; books on Picasso, books on Dali, and I paint oil on canvas since I was 11 years old. I have 5 DUCATI motorcycles in various states of disrepair; two 350cc, two 750 Sports, and one 750 GT. I almost have one of the 1973 750 Sport models restored and ready to ride then sell.

I've wrestled my demons and won new found freedom in the way of sobriety with the help of therapy, AA, my new 30 something wife (my 1st marriage), and grace from God. I am a happy man now and I intend on living the best life I can using my talents and interests to find meaning in life and to help others who have stumbled down some of the same destructive paths I have followed.

I hope to find some interesting friends here and share ideas, dreams, and desires.
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