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Hi. I'm alex_antonin. I love all kinds of music, pretty much. Some genres I loathe in principle, but am open to good songs in them. Country Western, for one. As a whole, I view it as a genre for stupid redneck songs like "Hillbilly Lovin in the Hay," but it creates some gems. One of my favorite songs, after all, is by Merle Haggard. ("Branded Man") I also dislike most gospel music, but Gregorian Chants are one of my favorite types of music. Rap is mostly crud, but I like Eminem and Panjabi MC, among others.

My favorite genres are the following, in no particular order:

* Folk music, from what that brings to mind all the way to groups like Nomad.

* World music like Mickey Hart's Planet Drums

* Gothic artists like The Dresden Dolls, Voltaire, or The Cruxshadows.

* Industrial artists like Skinny Puppy (not fond of their older stuff, though), Marilyn Manson (liked Antichrist Superstar better than the disappointing Mechanical Animals), Tool, Nine Inch Nails, and Rammstein (one of my favorite groups!)

* Irish/Celtic music, especially Silly Wizard and Clannad.

* Rock/folk mixes like Steeleye Span

* Classical music. Anton Dvorak, Peter Tchakovsky (sp?), JS Bach, and Vivaldi especially.

* Tribal music. The digiridoo is one of my favorite instruments to hear.

* Experimental mixes.

Even though my tastes range from pop to experimental and so many directions, I consider myself an amateur music afficianado.
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